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5 Handy Tools and Resources for Building Financial Literacy

Increasing your financial literacy may allow you to make better decisions about your money and your financial future. Many great resources are available to get you started on the path to financial literacy and to expand your current knowledge. Here are five tools to consider.

  1. Financial Guide Books

There is a wide variety of financial books published. That means that no matter your income level, current financial situation, or future financial goals, you might find a book to address your needs. For many people, books are an excellent resource option as you learn the information at your own pace and at a convenient time. Start by determining a topic you want to focus on and then narrow down your search to books that engage you and are easy to understand.1

  1. Financial Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are the perfect way to stay up-to-date on the latest financial insights, tips, and news. Also, receiving your magazine every month might prompt you to take the time to give your finances the once over and see what needs to be improved and what information you still need to learn.1

  1. Local Community Events

Explore some of the local and virtual financial events available in your area. Check with your local libraries or financial professionals to determine when events and seminars may occur. These events may provide you with valuable information and might have a question-and-answer session where you may ask specific financial questions.2

  1. Financial Podcasts

Listening to a podcast may help you improve your financial literacy without wasting your free time if you have a long commute or enjoy jogging or walking. Podcasts provide information that is easy to consume and retain. Some podcasts offer great tips and tricks for getting your financial house in order and may provide valuable advice about your financial questions.1

  1. Financial Newsletters

Why not have the information you are looking for delivered directly to your inbox? Many websites dedicated to improving financial literacy offer email newsletter subscriptions or free eBooks to provide the necessary information to work toward your specific financial goals. Find a reputable website and opt-in to receive news and tips from them, watch free videos, or download ebooks.2

If you want to improve your financial outlook or better plan for your financial future, then improving your financial literacy is crucial. Whether you are just starting to learn about finances or need more information on different investing types, a range of tools is available to help get you the information you need. Check out some of these tips above and a financial professional to get the information you need to start on the path to a brighter financial future.


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