Creating A Path For Your Financial Future In The Present

You’re finally at a stage in life where you’re seeing the fruits of your labor. Now that you’ve arrived at this place of success, you want to keep the momentum going. You may be seeking a way to ensure you’re maximizing your financial potential, while also preparing yourself and your loved ones against the unknowns that life can bring.

Life is full of the unexpected. At Varra Financial, we work hand in hand with you to minimize financial uncertainty through comprehensive financial planning, ensuring that you have confidence in your decisions when you make them.

We’re more than just another financial firm. We’re a collaborator capable of delivering multiple points of view from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to enable you to make informed decisions.

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A Lifelong, Collaborative Partner – Why Choose Varra Financial Associates?

What does the path to your financial security look like? What are the major milestones that mark the way and how do you ensure that you’re progressing in the right direction? Those are difficult questions to answer, especially when you consider the inevitable challenges life throws at you, whether it’s the start of a new job, the happy addition of a child to the family, or the start or end of a marriage or partnership.

These life-changing events tend to bring up even more questions, like how do you ensure that you’re putting enough aside for your children’s education? How can you make wise investments or save for retirement, while also managing your current debts and lifestyle? And when you factor in insurance, taxes, and retirement accounts, things quickly become complicated.

You need a valued partner who understands your financial vision and can create a plan for your goals, while providing the answers to the tough questions you’ll encounter along the way. At Varra Financial, we bring decades of combined expertise and experience to the table from many different backgrounds and perspectives. Our team approach ensures that you’re able to benefit from those differences and make informed decisions regarding your future.

It’s about more than just having access to essential financial advice and guidance. We do what we say we will, including holding you accountable to your plan. We are proud to deliver service that is in each client’s best interest and work hand in hand with you to determine what those interests are and how to work towards them.

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The Varra Financial Associates Process

We believe in transparency and directness. Our simple, straightforward process is designed to remove hurdles and ensure that you have access to a team of professionals every step of the way.

  • Getting to Know Each Other – The first step in the process is a quick phone call or email during which we will get to know each other. We will begin to learn about you, your financial situation, and the services you’re looking for to determine whether or not we are the right fit for you.
  • Gathering Data – The next step is for us to begin gathering critical financial information about your financial history, your goals, your values, and the specific unknowns that you may face in your life. This information will inform all further steps and ensure that the strategy we create for you can change and evolve over time as you pursue your goals and set new ones.
  • Discovery Meeting – With the necessary information and research in hand, it’s time for a sit-down meeting between you and our team. We’ll provide multiple points of view to help inform your financial dreams, while also discussing the deeper aspects of your life plan. We use this opportunity to listen to your concerns and desires and bring you personalized advice.
  • Building the Framework – Now it’s time to begin designing the strategy that will take you forward. Our team of advisors will work together to create a plan that will help you work towards the financial goals you’ve stated, while highlighting other ideas you might not have considered. The plan will include actionable steps and timeframes that will hold you accountable to your plan.
  • Your Plan in Action – With the framework designed, it’s time to sit down once more to reflect on everything that has been learned, build out alternative scenarios, and fine tune your strategy. When the plan is finalized, we put words into action and work with you to uphold your financial commitments. And when life throws you curveballs, our financial advisors will proactively review and update your plan to ensure that you’re tracking towards your goals.

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Fees and Costs

Transparency is one of our core values, particularly when it comes to costs and fees. While we offset all fees when we manage assets on your behalf, Varra has a minimum fee of $2,500 on plans for young professionals. Explore our full fee schedule.

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