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Judy Dituri

Judy Dituri

Client Service Associate

When she was growing up, Judy dreamed about having many different brilliant careers, but never one in the financial services industry. She was going to be a drum majorette (age 3), an artist (age 5), a teacher (age 7), a world explorer (age 9), a veterinarian (age 12), and a fashion designer (age 15). Instead, she ended up knocking around financial services in several different manifestations from an estate planning paralegal/office manager to a fully licensed insurance and investment adviser.

A couple of years ago a light went on, and Judy knew that her true calling for this stage of her life is to support the excellent work of a talented, ethical, innovative team of advisers. She brings her wide and varied background to her position with Varra Financial’s customer service team. As a part-time team member, she has the time and resources to fulfill at least one of her earlier dreams—World Explorer! Judy and her husband love adventure travel. In 2018, they explored eastern Tibet/western China. In 2020, they’re planning to visit traditional pilgrimage sites in India and Nepal.

Judy and her husband came from Utah to Colorado in 1989 so that he could attend law school. When they’re not travelling, they live in Lafayette with their funny, little, old long-haired dachshund. Judy is a voracious reader and enjoys fitness classes.