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Update from the Varra Team

| March 24, 2020
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March 24th 2020,


The last few weeks have had no shortage of news and information both around Covid-19 and the financial markets. While the event itself is certainly different than what have seen in the past, we have seen similar types of market drops and volatility in the past two decades.

This article does a good job of walking through keeping the long-term perspective and giving us good timeless advice around investing and staying the course through difficult markets.

Please take 5 minutes to read through this Forbes article, and pay particular attention to the scenario with the three different investors and how they fared during the financial crisis based on their behavior.

The Varra team remains available to answer all the questions you or your loved ones may have. We are confident in the long-term plans we have put in place and will continue to monitor the situation to get through this together.


Is Now The Time To Buy Stocks? - Forbes

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