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The History of Varra Financial

| July 25, 2019
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In 1902, some Varra family ancestors came over from Italy to work in the coal mines. They settled on 160 acres just outside of Louisville. As a child, Wayne worked on the farm and went to Louisville High School; graduating in 1962. After high school, Wayne worked in construction for a few years but realized that helping people was his true passion. Off to Memphis, Tennessee he went - to pursue a career in helping people secure their future with insurance. For 25 years, he worked with thousands of folks assisting them with Life, Health, Disability, Property, and Casualty Insurance.

In 1991, Wayne took his financial services to a new level and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This involves being rigorously trained in 72 areas of financial expertise to help clients develop a comprehensive financial strategy. In the 80s and 90s, Louisville’s population grew steeply and so did Wayne’s business.

Photo courtesy of Louisville Historical Museum

2002 was a very significant year in the history of Varra Financial. Wayne’s daughter-in-law Gina Varra joined the business and became a financial consultant. Wayne mentored Gina and working side by side, business was thriving and in 2010 the first support staff was hired.

A pivotal point in the history of the company was in 2015. Wayne celebrated 50 years with Varra Financial! Wayne has paved the way for Gina to take over as President of Varra Financial. With a solid foundation and a prominent presence in the community, it was a good time to embrace growth mode. Between 2015 and 2018, the team grew to seven, adding two more financial advisors who are poised and ready to secure the next generation of Varra Financial. Succession planning is an important part of any successful business. The leadership of Varra Financial has a solid plan in place to make sure that clients and their accounts can be taken care of for generations to come.

Varra is fortunate to be celebrating 54 years in business and still paving the way for future growth. If you would like to learn more about your own legacy planning for your family or succession planning for your business, call the office at 303.665.2822. 

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