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Questival - The Adventure Race with a Social Mission

Questival - The Adventure Race with a Social Mission

| May 21, 2018
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Have you ever heard of Questival?  Melodie Scalf, one of our financial advisors participated in this 24 hour event that is a cross between an adventure race and a treasure hunt. The challenge? To check as many things off a list of 200 to be completed with proof via a picture or video uploaded to the app.  The goal?  Competing against other teams to win some prizes along the way, but the true reward lies in spending 24 hours with some of your favorite friends checking a bunch of amazing experiences off your bucket list.

Categories for the challenges

  • Community and Cultural
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Launch Event
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Do Good
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Quirky

Some great moments captured

Melodie's' take-a-ways from Questival

"During our completion of 95 of the 209 challenges, we encountered some pretty amazing people who shared stories and made memories with us. Being vulnerable somehow gave us a sense of shared respect and understanding.  There are so many wonderful non-profit organizations that are out there to “Do Good” and my family and I want to partner with them.  Consider learning something new about your city, have a moment with a stranger and make someone’s day."


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