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Get to know Gina: Q&A with our President

Get to know Gina: Q&A with our President

| March 01, 2017
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When Gina Varra started her career, she didn’t necessarily imagine a future in financial services. However, after transitioning into her father-in-law’s practice, she was pleasantly surprised by how much she loved working with families in her community and how rewarding that was. Today, she is able to focus her time on building those relationships, and structuring value-driven plans to help our clients succeed. Here, Gina answers some questions about working at the firm. 

What drew you to the financial services industry?

After starting work with my father-in-law, Wayne Varra, I found that being a trusted advisor to our clients allowed me to serve those families and the community that I love in a very meaningful way. We see that the work we do with individuals, families and small family owned businesses, truly make a difference in their financial lives by offering financial guidance and fostering long-term relationships.

I think that often times the financial industry uses confusing terminology and concepts that can make navigating investments and finances challenging. I like to present financial solutions in simple terms using plain talk, without the confusing buzzwords that are prevalent in our industry. We focus on educating our clients on the strategies that are best suited for the achievement of their individual financial goals.

How does your work contribute to the service level at Varra Financial?

We strive to have every interaction with our clients be a positive, warm experience. We realize how important customer service is in today’s busy and often impersonal world. We take pride in going the extra mile and taking extra measures to ensure that our clients’ needs are valued for every stage of their lives. We have used this service model for over 50 years and it works well!

Each and every member of our team is exemplary as it pertains to service and will go out of their way to be sure that any interaction with our office is positive.   All of our staff, myself included, care about the end result of our clients’ plans and the experience they have with us.

When you work with us at Varra Financial, it is our expectation that we will be working with you for life. This distinction is important, as it means we must do what is in our clients’ best interest and make sure our planning is aligned with their goals. Our personal goal for all of our clients is to be sitting across from them 20 or 30 years from now seeing the success of the plans we have put in place.

Because we have been serving this community for so many years and truly care about our people we have built multigenerational relationships that span decades. This doesn’t happen overnight! I’m so proud of the relationship-driven focus we implement here at Varra Financial to make this happen.

 How do you build trust with clients at your firm?

Unfortunately, the financial services industry can sometimes be transactional and not driven by relationships. At our firm, however, we are process-driven and focused more on growing relationships. Products aren’t the driving force behind our recommendations, instead we are focused on our clients, their goals and how best to pursue those goals.

I personally love getting to know my clients and building trust through each interaction. We do this by being accountable and available, by being honest and ethical, and by following up and following through.  It may sound trite, but often times my clients become more than just clients — they become life-long friends.  I know what is happening with their children, their parents, their careers and the events in their lives. They come to me with their questions or concerns and see us as a resource.

About Gina Varra

Gina is our Branch Manager and has worked with the Varra Team since 2002. She is dedicated to the firm's mission of helping you make the most of your finances now and for generations to come. Outside of work she enjoys spending time in the Great Colorado outdoors which includes her newest activity of exploring Colorado and Wyoming waterways in her alpacka raft. She is also actively involved in the Louisville community and numerous non-profit organizations, which will be the topic of our next blog post so stay tuned. Email Gina or contact Varra Financial Associates to schedule a meeting. 


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